Growing teams rely on a lot of  tools to get their work done. Individuals pick their own “best tools” for the job and while this might feel like it raises productivity, it actually means more siloed information and difficulty finding the right thing to get your job done. 

The problem gets worse as teams grow and teammates introduce their own unique sets of tools. Company information gets spread across these tools and becomes even less accessible. 

Existing solutions don’t work:

  • Enterprise search - searching the company shared drive doesn’t solve anything because modern work information lives in other people's productivity tools.
  • Wikis and collaboration tools - anytime information is transcribed from its original source into a more “permanent” place, it becomes stale by definition. Nobody needs stale information. Answers should come directly from the source of the information.
  • Restrictive IT policies - limiting the tools available only fuels rogue software usage (shadow IT) and further distances company data from those who need it most.
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